Who We Are


Hello! We are Amanda and Emily, two westcoast girls turned eastcoast girls. We like to focus on a practical, personalized approach to style. We design, draft, cut and sew right here in our home based studio.

We have three teenlets who keep us entertained and constantly cooking. We're all about good food and lots of cozy time in the Great Canadian Indoors. 

Find us on Twitter and Facebook and check out our history on Etsy.

We can be contacted via email: emily@ureshii.org

Or by mail: Box 1412 STN MAIN, Summerside, PE, Canada  C1N 4K2



We believe in clothes that flatter ALL your curves, colours that brighten your day, and mornings when you wake up knowing exactly what you’re going to wear. We believe that you can look stylish and put together, and still feel like you’re wearing your favourite pyjamas.

We make clothes for women who know what they want and aren’t too shy to ask for it. So get out your measuring tapes, and take charge of your wardrobe!


What We Offer

Almost everything here is made to order and made to measure. There are many customizable options, so please read each description carefully. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

Send Us A Photo

If you want the absolute best results fit-wise, please send us a photo! Photos provide so much more information than measurements alone, and we will always keep them private. 

Plus Sizes

We are happy to work with plus sizes. Please note: we may request additional measurements, and we really like to have a photo or two to work from. Certain designs size up better than others, so we may suggest alternatives that will work better for your body type.

If You Think Our Model Is Too Skinny

Want to see our clothes on women of all shapes and sizes? Check out our Facebook Fan Page or this great review (with photos!).


Production Time

Items ship within two weeks of payment receipt (often sooner). If there is any change in this timeline, we will let you know. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know right away, and we'll do our best to work within it.


We have two cats, and they have fur. We do our best to make sure your clothes arrive clean, fresh, and cat fur free.

Wholesale + Consignment

We prefer to fit each customer individually. For this reason we do not offer clothing for Wholesale, Consignment, or Gallery Exhibitions.